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Cambridge tree service in Cambridge, Ontario by the Grand River.

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Experienced Cambridge Tree Service

Our professional Cambridge Tree Service is a staple for many homeowners in the Hespeler, Galt, and Preston region. Our purpose is to provide you with the information you need to accurately make the right selection for tree removal and make it an enjoyable experience. We hope this helps make your life a little easier. We appreciate your feedback and wish to serve both homeowners and businesses in the Cambridge, Ontario area. Please do not hesitate to fill out the form below at any time, and a representative will contact you right away. For those located in Kitchener, please check out our Kitchener tree removal location.

In deciding whether tree removal is right for your property or business, many factors should be considered. Most importantly, a large tree is bound to pose a serious threat if it is unstable and left in place for any amount of time. You can cause a lot of damage to a lawn, electric wires or even to your own safety by trying to do it yourself. Please contact a professional for an estimate first before doing anything yourself. If you’re considering doing the work yourself, we are happy to give you tips or advice. Our company holds itself to the highest standard of excellence while delivering your tree service at a competitive price.

Ontario Cambridge tree services.

Among our primary services offered to clients throughout Cambridge is tree removal. Cambridge is home to many trees, many of which are of great value to the community. You may not know, but the City of Cambridge plants new trees during the spring and fall to develop and promote Urban Forestry planning.

Cambridge Tree Service

Our local arborists in Cambridge provide free tree removal estimates with no obligations.

Tree Removal Cost in Cambridge, Ontario

A simple question such as “how much does tree removal cost in Cambridge, Ontario” is difficult to answer without an arborist present. Below our Cambridge tree service will help you find some information that will help you understand whether your tree could be more or less expensive.

What size is the tree?
As you might expect, the bigger the tree is, the more expensive it will be. The amount of work it takes the team to remove the tree, clean up the debris, and remove any branches affect the cost. It is essential to note that the height and the diameter of the tree will influence its price. A smaller tree with a thicker trunk may cost more than a taller tree with a thinner trunk.

What is the current state of the tree?
Have you noticed that your trees have lost their strength and health due to old age or disease? Knowing your tree’s current condition will be helpful to determine the cost. Rotting trees will lower prices as they are weaker and more manageable to take down. However, there could be a greater risk for people working on it, which may increase the price. If you find that your tree has died, make sure you have it looked at and handled as soon as possible. A seemingly dead tree could be completely rotted, causing it to lose its entire structural integrity.

What is the location of your tree?
Are you looking at a tree that is close to electrical wires (report it if you do), buildings, or in your yard? Your tree removal cost will vary simply due to how easy it is for us to effectively and safely remove your tree. Tree removal that doesn’t have any environmental influence on the drop location will cost less. Additionally, a tree removal procedure that requires special attention to environmental factors, such as buildings, ground wires, fences, etc., will cost more.

Do you require emergency tree removal?
Are you concerned that your tree might fall on your house, electrical wire, or road and needs removal as soon as possible? We can help. Please note that this will cost more as we have to push back other jobs and require working after hours.

Cambridge Tree Service Cost Calculator:

Small Cambridge tree removal.

Small Trees (Under 25 feet)

The removal of small trees can be straightforward, but hiring an expert will likely be cheaper. Check the trees’ circumferences for Cambridge permit requirements and where there are electrical wires near the stump. Safety is paramount when removing any tree, regardless of its size. Removal of stumps is usually not included in the quote. Removal of branches and trees will take no longer than one hour. They can be hauled away easily. If you are uncertain if Cambridge tree removal is right for you, send us a message above.

Medium sized Cambridge tree service.

Medium Trees (25 – 60 feet)

A medium tree will offer a wide range of different sizes and prices, taking into consideration multiple factors, including the diameter and the thickness of the tree. Sometimes there may be discounts for stump removal and debris removal for medium-sized trees in Cambridge. The tree service provider may charge an additional fee for limb removal for medium-sized trees. Stump removal is a tremendous benefit usually included. Medium-sized trees are great for firewood but often leave more debris (sawdust).

Large Cambridge tree in need of service.

Large Tree (Over 60 – 85 feet)

When a homeowner has a large tree that must be removed, there is often no easy way to do it by themselves. If you have large trees that need to be removed, please contact our office to calculate an estimate. If you attempt this job yourself, you should consider the risk since you will need to climb the tree. Please submit the form above, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Don’t attempt this task yourself. Tree limbs will need to be removed (usually) and there will be lots of debris that will require a ground crew.

Extra large Cambridge tree removal.

Extra Large Trees (85+ feet)

Likely, all of these projects require the services of a certified arborist for their removal, usually three or more technicians. In fact, attempting to remove these trees may cause damage to your property and jeopardize your safety. Ensure that you examine electrical plans when carrying out work such as removing roots or limbs of this size. Whenever possible, you ought to hire an arborist with insurance to handle this task. Get an estimate today. Stump removals are usually discounted while being great for creating firewood. However, there will be a substantial amount of debris left behind, which means an arborist should be consulted.

Fallen tree in Cambridge park.

Fallen Trees (1/3 Removal Cost approx.)

At times in the Cambridge region, weather conditions can be detrimental to trees, leading to the loss of those trees and causing damage to your property. In cases in which damage is already occurred to the property due to a fallen tree, the price of the service is greatly reduced. The process is less dangerous, and it does not require that you climb the trees in order to begin it. Simply removing the debris and cutting up the fallen tree usually suffices. Stump removal is usually not included, and there is a chance that it could cost more. If the tree has landed in an area that is hard to access, it will increase the rate.

Cambridge tree service working on a tree with big roots.

Additional Costs (Factors Affecting Price)

Tree removal services are subject to a wide variety of factors all of which will influence the final price. One such factor that will affect the final price is the distance of the tree from us. Are you closer or further away from us? In some cases, this can add an additional cost. The lean of the tree may play a role in the overall price. A tree with a large slope might be more expensive if it must be turned the other way to avoid yard damage. You are more than welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions. Tree removal is offered in different cities that could reduce the cost. Choose the closest one to you.

Schedule a Free Tree Removal Cambridge Estimate

Local Tree Estimates focuses on ensuring you get a professional and reliable service on every job. We take pride in providing you with the very best experience, from the moment you get an estimate to the time the tree is removed and taken away. In summary, we aim to give you a better understanding of tree removal services and the risk and cost expectations. Expert qualified arborists within your community partner with us to provide you with high-end tree removal services whenever you need them. You can contact us for a free estimate right now, and one of our professionals will be pleased to provide a quote.

Cambridge Tree Service

Free no-obligation estimates from our local arborists for tree removal in Cambridge, Ontario.

DIY Tree Removal

Determining tree removal cost depends significantly on the method you use to remove the tree(s). If you decide to remove the tree with a friend’s assistance, you will need equipment designed for such a task. As a precaution, for trees requiring removal of limbs before cutting, a tree removal expert is highly recommended, both for the safety of the climber and those underneath the tree when a branch falls.

For safety, you will require the following equipment once you have your permit (if required):

  • Helmet
  • Work gloves
  • Proper footwear (steel-toed boots suggested)
  • Chainsaw or Handsaw (you can rent)
  • Protective Clothing
  • Protective Glasses or Goggles
  • Rent a Woodchipper (depending on what you would like to do with the tree)
  • Rent a Stump Grinder (depending if you need stump removal to have a clean looking yard)

This list may seem expensive, and you would be right in thinking so. However, depending on how many trees you’re removing and how often, it’s more cost-effective, safer, and more professional to hire our Cambridge tree removal team in most cases.

Cambridge Tree Service – Stump Removal

Professional Stump Removal in Cambridge

Our Cambridge stump removal is affordable for homeowners and commercial businesses. Whether you have just had a tree removed from your property or have an eyesore stump in your yard, we can help you.

We strive to hold a standard of excellence for each project we work on. Stump removal in Cambridge is labour-intensive and dangerous. In addition to our experience, the knowledge of our tools and the equipment we have will allow our company to provide an effective and efficient service. Let our local arborist handle the job today.

Stump Removal Cost in Cambridge

A variety of factors can affect Stump Removal prices. Below are some of the things we think contribute to the overall stump removal cost and how you can manage the cost of stump removal as a homeowner. The following information will discuss the impact of tree stump diameter, the number of stumps, age of tree stump, soil condition, tree stump species, and cleaning up needed.

Close up of a Cambridge stump removal.

Stump Diameter

The diameter of a stump goes a long way towards determining its costs to remove that stump. Large stumps require more labour and often have more root growth underground. Knowing electrical plans and pipes nearby is crucial when removing roots. This information is vital for both the homeowners and us, as it allows us to avoid the mainline if necessary. The diameter plays a vital role in the price. Root systems are based on diameter. Therefore it is essential to consider underground pipes.

A jagged stump needing to be removed.

Type of Tree Stump

What type of stump do you have? Depending on the type of stump, additional work may be required. Certain tree stumps such as oak are more challenging to break through and will take more time to remove. Please indicate the type of tree you have when filling out an online estimate to ensure we can provide you with an accurate estimate based on the exact type of tree stump you have. Different types of stumps require different amounts of time for grinding.

A tree stump that will require clean up.

Clean-Up Needed

After the stump has been ground down, you may wish to have debris cleaned up or even some of this soil raked over. This will vary depending on the type of service you have chosen. There is sometimes a bit of a divet that we may fill with filler, so if this is the option you are interested in, please let us know, and we are happy to assist you in cleaning up your tree stump debris. Clean-up options are available; please notify us if you desire such. This can include filling in the mound.

A collection of stumps.

Number of Stumps

Approximately how many tree stumps need to be removed? Is it a simple stump in your garden or a series of stumps in various fields? Knowing how many stumps require removal will allow us to provide you with a more accurate estimate. Contact us today to remove your stumps and clear your yard. For jobs requiring multiple stump removals, we may offer a discounted price per stump. The number of stumps to be removed should be known before an estimate is issued.

An old tree stump with lots of tree rings.

Age of Tree Stump

When grinding down a stump, one of the factors that must be considered is the stump’s age. An older stump that has rotted inside or out is easier to remove than a younger stump. Older stumps typically cost less to remove than do young stumps. Younger and healthier tree stumps are much more challenging to remove. Nevertheless, our local Cambridge arborists have the proper tools to get the job done. Learn more about determining your stump’s age through tree rings.

Healthy soil for a Cambridge stump removal.

Soil Condition

Where was your tree planted? Tree stumps located in soft loose soil can be removed easily with stump grinders. Tree stumps of hard rocky soil are more difficult to remove and may damage equipment. If you have a stump in your grassy backyard chances are there will be no additional fees. Please contact us for more information. Please be aware that hard, rocky soil can cause damage to equipment, while soft, loose soil works well for stump removal.

Certified Arborist Stump Removal in Cambridge

Receive a professional stump removal cost estimate when you contact us today.

Cambridge Stump Removal Benefits

Stump removal offers many benefits that extend beyond providing an aesthetically attractive lawn or property. For instance, it can decrease disease transmission, infestations, and stump sprouting, to mention a few. The following ten advantages of stump removal may help you decide whether it is right for you.

1. Getting Rid of Threatening Roots
Tree roots may spread, damaging the foundations of your sidewalk or driveway. Prevent this from happening.

2. Weaken Disease Transmission
Make sure that healthy trees and shrubs do not come into contact with dead or diseased wood.

3. Infestations Can Be Reduced
Tree stumps can serve as breeding grounds for insects such as bees and ants. Stump removal will keep your yard pest-free. Get your stump removed to avoid this problem altogether.

4. Establish a Lawn That Is Safe
Tree stumps often get in your way. Get your stump removed to make your lawn safer and softer.

5. Lawn Mowing Without Stress
Getting rid of your tree stump will improve your lawn mowing, as it will run more smoothly and more efficiently, ensuring you mow faster and more safely.

6. Exceptionally Beautiful
No matter where a stump is, it can appear as if it is taking over your yard as well as being an eyesore. Thus, it would be best if you were proactive in removing your stump.

7. Stump Sprouting
After a tree has been removed, the stump remains in the ground. It will eventually spread and cause a messy appearance in the yard. Get your stump ground out and get rid of the potential for an unfriendly yard.

8. Provide Protection for Other Trees
Relative to sprouting stumps, if your stump starts to grow, it may begin to intertwine with other tree roots, which may prove more costly to remove.

9. Increase the Value of Your Property
A tree stump in your yard can be a great annoyance and lower the value of your home. Work with us to manage your tree stumps.

10. It’s Worth It
Tree stump removal is a cost-effective process for all its benefits. You can request a quote online and benefit from a fast, affordable stump removal service.

How to Remove a Tree Stump in Cambridge Yourself

Getting rid of a stump by yourself or with friends can be a back-breaking task if you do not have the proper equipment. If you have that equipment and know how to use it, the process can be worthwhile. If you are attempting to remove a stump yourself, please use caution and follow all safety guidelines. The following are three possible methods by which you can accomplish the task.

A close up of Cambridge tree service stump removal with a stump grinder.

1. Stump Grinder Rental

The most efficient yet least cost-effective means of removing a stump by yourself is to use a stump grinder, but it is often quite costly. It would be best to determine how much travel time it would require and whether you will need a trailer to transport it. Our solution would provide the best results if you need several stumps to be removed simultaneously. We do not suggest this option for a single stump since our prices are competitive and professionals do our work.

A blank stump removal bottle .

2. Using Chemical (Stump Killer)

First, you will have to remove as much of the stump as possible using a chainsaw. Next, drill one-inch holes throughout the stump and around its perimeter. You should drill 8-12 inches holes with some on an angle to meet up with the other holes. Pour potassium nitrate into the holes, then fill the rest of the holes with water. After approximately one month, the stump will have progressively softened. You can now safely use an axe to lop up and remove the remainder of the stump. However, this option is more time-consuming and will require more patience than other alternatives.

An axe cutting a stump.

3. Start Digging

You will need a chainsaw, digging bar, axe, shovel, and a pick for this option. Much like option #2, remove as much of the stump as possible with a chainsaw (until it’s close to being flat). It allows you to clear dirt from around the stump and expose its roots and base. A hose can help you identify the roots and easily cut them with the axe. When big roots sprout, chop them, and hopefully, you can turn the stump away from the wall after repeated attempts. One additional option is to attach the stump to the truck using a chain and to drive it out, but please be careful as this option could damage your vehicle. This option is by far the cheapest option, but it is labour-intensive.

Stump Removal in Cambridge by a Certified Arborist

When you contact us today, you will receive a professional stump removal cost estimate.

Tree Trimming in Cambridge

Expert Tree Trimming in Cambridge

The trees and landscaping company that you are considering for tree trimming in Cambridge, our company has years of experience and certifications plus hundreds of satisfied customers. Request a quote through the form above and one of our professional arborists will contact you shortly.

No matter if your tree is young and strong or a bit older and quite worn down, tree care maintenance will benefit your tree. In the long run, your tree will be thankful you took care of it.

Tree Trimming in Cambridge - What You Need to Know

Cambridge, Ontario, is home to many trees that need regular care to carry on a long and healthy life. Tree trimming and pruning are perfect for preserving, strengthening, and protecting your trees. Branches may become damaged or weakened due to strong winds or an accumulation of snow and ice. If these branches are left to hang there, it can cause great stress on the tree and even other branches.

Regular pruning of your tree in Cambridge promotes a robust lifestyle for your tree. Additionally, it might seem counter-intuitive to cut a tree in order for it to grow stronger. When properly managed, your tree will bounce back stronger than ever when our arborists have employed the right tree shaping and pruning methods. They specialize in helping your trees to grow for many years to come, and we will be happy to help with all of your tree maintenance needs.

Certified Arborists Tree Trimming

Hire us to provide you with professional tree trimming.

Benefits of Cambridge Tree Trimming & Pruning

Achieve Healthy Growth

A branch or limb’s extension may negatively affect the rest of a tree. Proper pruning and trimming can help the branch to continue growing and producing a healthy outcome.

Avoiding Injury

Sometimes trees will need to be saved. Damaged and compromised branches can ultimately damage the rest of the tree, and they may even damage your property when they finally fall. Taking precautions such as removing these damaged branches at an early stage may prevent this from happening later.

A Means of Reducing Overgrowth

When you allow your tree to grow unchecked, it will overgrow, thereby creating a dangerous situation. The tree may start growing in places you don’t want it too, such as your neighbor’s yard or even your house.

Happy Trees are Healthy Trees

By allowing us to prune or trim your tree, you create a healthier and more secure tree that will survive for years to come. Trees that have been well-maintained are less likely to experience storm damage and will generally have a longer life.

Beautiful in Appearance

No one enjoys looking at a tree with limbs growing in every direction you can think of. Our tree shaping services are designed to keep your trees shaped, with fewer damaged or overgrown branches.

Cambridge tree trimming by an arborist.

Tree Shaping - What is it?

It may appear that there is no significant difference between Tree Trimming and Tree Shaping, but the two mean entirely different things. Tree trimming aims to remove branches, limbs or simply cut them back. Tree shaping is something that has been done for hundreds of years.

Tree shaping is often necessary in the young tree. In order to help the tree grow in a particular direction, it is best to address it sooner rather than later. Tree shaping can be required for a variety of reasons. Our experts would be happy to discuss one example with you: alleviating the lack of sun caused by shade or removing limbs away from windows and wires. Not every tree is right for shaping but give one of our experts a call, and we’ll help you out.

Cambridge tree pruning with pruners.


Also known as tree shaping, pruning is normally involved in both framing and grafting in order to shape and balance the tree. Pruning aids in the creation of the proper shape by promoting growth in select areas.

A tree in a park being supported by a post.


Framing is the technique of applying different structures to the tree in order to facilitate it in growing. An example of a structure used might be a wire system, wooden contraptions, or in some cases, the tree itself.

A tiny branch being grafted to a tree.


Branches must likely be cut back in order for grafting to take place. These cut branches or pieces of the tree are then grafted together with other branches or pieces of the tree, resulting in a given shape.

Tree Trimming by Certified Arborists

Receive professional tree trimming when you contact us today.

Lot Clearing in Cambridge

Professional Lot Clearing Cambridge, Ontario

Building a clearing area on your property may be useful for a variety of reasons. It is likely that your property has been developed and continues to be developed. It is possible that you are a customer who needs your lot cleared. For new developments or properties, clearing the lot may be required. Whether you are having a home built, having something renovated or expanding your lawn, lot clearing is required.

Your lot clearing project’s cost will be broken down into numerous factors, including the type of equipment and the design of the plot. Depending on the plot’s size and the complexity of the planning, we may need to provide you with specialized equipment or services. There are a lot of factors that are taken into account when defining the scope of a lot clearing project. We are happy to get on-site and give you a lot clearing estimate if your proposal calls for some specific services.

Lot Clearing Cambridge Cost Calculator

A diverse range of tools and equipment is needed to do a thorough job. Tree removal and stump removal are often necessary. A quality wood chipper is commonly required too, which speeds up the process. Find out more below.

Fallen tree in Cambridge forest.

Tree Removal

Lot clearing is usually required to remove trees of varied sizes and shapes, including a good chunk of the larger overhanging branches that take up space immediately in your path. We are able to remove all of these and leave a clean straight path wherever you prefer.

Tree stump in the way of a path.

Stump Removal

This path might be covered in roots or stumps. Based on the amount of brush that is contained throughout it could be difficult to see. You don’t have to worry though as our tools are designed to completely eliminate roots.

Cambridge wood chipper shooting sticks into a truck.

Wood Chipping

We do not just remove everything and leave it over, we can use a wood chipper to remove the debris and create a path for your chipper. You can even use the chips in another part of your yard, or we can just take them if you would like.

Land Clearing Service

Allow an experienced tree service expert to visit your location and give you an affordable estimate. We will handle any job size and both commercial and residential properties. There is no risk in receiving an estimate. Our team would love to make your next project one to be remembered. Fill in an estimate today.

Lot Clearing Service

Receive a free no-obligation estimate from local arborists for lot clearing.