Stump Removal Cost

Stump Removal Cost

Interested in having a stump removed from your property or business? Check out the stump removal cost breakdown below or contact our professional today for a free estimate.

Stump Removal Kitchener Waterloo.

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Professional Stump Removal

Whether you have just had a tree removed from your property or have an eye sore stump in the middle of your yard, we can help you. We offer stump removal and grinding at an affordable rate for both homeowners and commercial businesses.

Our team prides itself on our experience and customer service. Holding a standard of excellence is our goal for each project we work on. We highly suggest hiring us for stump removal instead of trying to do it yourself. Stump removal can be very labour intensive and dangerous. We have the right tools for the job. Let our team of trained professionals remove your stump today!

Stump Removal Cost

Stump Removal can have a variety of factors that can play into the overall price. We try to break down the stump removal cost and what you can expect as a homeowner. Below you will find the impact of the stump diameter, number of stumps, age of the tree stump, the soil condition, the type of tree stump, and clean-up needed.

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Stump Diameter

The diameter of a stump plays probably the biggest factor in the cost of stump removal. A large diameter stump creates more work and often means more roots underneath. When taking out roots it’s important to know electrical plans or pipes nearby. This information is important for both the homeowner, us, and the neighbourhood if the main pipe needs to be avoided.


The diameter key influencer in price
Root system based on diameter is a factor
Take into account underground pipes

Stump Removal Kitchener, multiple stumps.

Number of Stumps

How many tree stumps need to be removed? Is it a simple stump in your yard or a series stumps across a field? Knowing how many stumps need to be removed beforehand will help us give you an accurate estimate. For jobs that require multiple stumps to be removed a discount price per stump can be negotiated. Reach out and contact us today to remove your stumps and clean up your yard.


More stumps = less cost per stump
Know the total number of tree stumps
Stump estimates available

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Age of Tree Stump

The age of a tree stump can be a factor when grinding down the stump. Tree stumps that are older and have been rotting inside or out are much easier to breakthrough. These types of stumps cost less than younger stumps. Younger and stronger tree stumps are much harder to breakthrough. Whether you have an old stump or new stump our local arborists have the equipment for the job.


Young strong stumps require more work
Older trees may be rotting (easier)
We have the tools no matter the job

Stump Removal Kitchener in the soil.

Soil Condition

Where was your tree planted? Tree stumps located in soft loose soil are easiest on stump grinders. Tree stumps in hard rocky soil or dirt increase the likelihood of damaging equipment and can be more difficult to remove. If your stump is located in your grassy backyard chances are you won’t have to worry about any additional costs. Fill in a quote today to learn more.


Hard rocky soil can damage equipment
Soft loose soil is ideal for stump removal
We have proper equipment for any job

Tree stump in Kitchener Waterloo.

Type of Tree Stump

What type of tree stump do you need to be removed? Depending on the type of stump, it may require more work. Certain tree stumps such as oak are harder to break through and will require additional time. When filling in a quote online let us know what type of tree you have. This will allow us to give you a more accurate estimate based on the exact type of tree stump we will be grinding.


Different tree stumps require more time
Trees like oak can be harder to grind
Let us know what type of stump you have

Big stump in Kitchener Waterloo.

Clean-Up Needed

Depending on what service you have selected, clean-up may or may not be included. After the stump has been ground down you may want us to clean up any debris that has been scattered or rake over some of the soil. Sometimes there is a bit of a divet that we will fill in. Let us know if this is an option you would like and we would be happy to assist you in cleaning up your tree stump debris.


Clean-up may be included
Let us know if you would like this
This can include filling in the mound

Certified Arborist Stump Removal

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Safe Stump Removal

Here at LOCAL TREE ESTIMATES, we provide safe and efficient stump removal for all our customers. We make sure we take care of and respect your lawn, surrounding bushes and hedges, and control any debris flying off the stump. Safety is a top priority of ours and we always aim to ensure the surrounding area is kept clean and risk-free.

In addition to all-out staff having proper equipment we make sure we are insured as well. Rest assured that any damage can and will be covered in the unlikely event something were to happen. For any questions about our insurance or stump removal safety feel free to contact us and one of our staff will be happy to assist you.

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Benefits of Stump Removal

There are many benefits of stump removal that span beyond an aesthetically pleasing lawn or property. Stump removal can reduce disease spread, infestations, and stump sprouting, to just name a few. Below we break down ten benefits to tree stump removal.

1. Destroy Threatening Roots
Stump roots can spread and begin to damage the foundation of your sidewalk or even your driveway. Stop this from happening.

2. Weaken Disease Spread
Reduce to risk of dead or diseased wood spreading to other healthy trees and shrubs. Keep your trees happy and well.

3. Reduce Infestions
Tree stumps can become hot beds for insects (bees, ants) and animals in your yard. Take away this option by having your stump removed.

4. Create a Safe Lawn
A tree stump has a tendency to find itself in your way. Have your stump removed to create a safer softer lawn.

5. Worry-Free Lawn Mowing
Remove your tree stump and your lawnmower will thank you. Mow your lawn faster and safer with a smooth yard.

6. Aesthetically Pleasing
A tree stump can appear to reduce the size of your yard AND be an eyesore. Solve both these problems and remove your tree stump.

7. Stop Stump Sprouting
After tree removal, your stump can still grow. It will spread and create an unfriendly yard. Take away this option by having your stump grinded.

8. Protect Other Trees
Similar to stump sprouting, if you stump begins to grow it could get entangled in other tree roots and be more costly to remove.

9. Raise Property Value
A tree stump in your yard can be a huge pain and even lower the value of your home. Keep your home value high!

10. It’s Worth It
Simply put, having your tree stump removed isn’t that expensive for all the benefits it brings. Fill in a quote online and reap the reward.

Certified Arborist Stump Removal

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3 Ways to Remove A Tree Stump Yourself

We will be honest with you, removing a tree stump by yourself or with friends can be a hard back-breaking task. If you already own the proper equipment and know how to use it well then it could be worth it. Remember when removing a stump yourself to always use caution and adhere by proper safety standards. Below are three potential ways you could remove a tree stump by yourself.

1. Rent a Stump Grinder

This would be the most efficient but least cost-effective way to remove a stump by yourself. An average stump grinder will cost over $100+ daily. You will need to consider travel time and have a trailer to bring it out. This option would be most effective if you needed multiple stumps removed and could remove all of them at once. For a single stump, we would not suggest this option because our rates are comparable and done by professionals.

2. Use A Chemical (Stump Killer)

To begin you will need to remove as much of the tree stump as you can with a chainsaw. Drill approx. 1-inch holes around the perimeter and throughout the stump. The holes should be 8-12 inches deep with some on a 45-degree angle to meet up with the other holes. Pour potassium nitrate into the holes and then fill the rest with water. After about a month the tree stump will have become much softer. You can now use an axe to chop and dig up the rest of the stump. This option can become time-consuming and require more waiting than other options.

3. Manually Remove it

For this option, you will need a chainsaw, digging bar, axe, shovel, and a pick. Similar to option #2, remove as much of the tree stump as you can with a chainsaw (till it’s close to flat). You now to need begin working at the sides around the stump to begin to reveal the roots and the bottom of the trunk. A hose can help clear away dirt to better identify roots. As big roots appear, chop them with the axe, you will need to try and wiggle the stump up and out after you have done this repeatedly. Another option after this is to attach a chain around the stump and hook it up to your truck and pull it out (use extreme caution). This option is very labour intensive but the cheapest out of all the options. (Additionally, another way)

Additional Services

We offer more than just tree removal at Local Tree Estimates. Our customers have a variety of needs that we are available to serve. This includes tree removal, tree trimming, pruning, shaping, lot clearing, and emergency work.